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Bespoke Virtual Assistance

Getting things done in half the time is very important when running a business. You need to prioritize client/customer engagement, but you also have loads of paperwork and other jobs to deal with. Extra hands specializing in corporate skills and knowledge can lessen the workload for you to focus on your business operations. You need reliable office assistance to handle other equally important tasks.

Telequest Voice Services recommends you contracting a reliable virtual office assistant (VA) during peak seasons or when times necessitate support. Whether you’re a busy executive or a small business owner, TQVS can provide you the assistance you need. Our VAs or online administrative assistants have the proper skills and training to assist you with jobs such as online sales, marketing, research, documentation, and other emerging office jobs that can be outsourced remotely.

Currently, there are over 25000 virtual assistants worldwide providing clerical, technical, or creative assistance to various clients. TQVS virtual assistants are as competitive as thousands of online personal assistants. Outsourcing our VA service can give you a lot of benefits.

1. Save Up on Operation Costs
Contracting the services of an online personal assistant is proved to be more economical than hiring a fulltime employee. Hiring a virtual assistant does not require provision of workspace, company equipment such as computers and Internet, phone lines, and pay up for employee benefits.

2. Have Valuable Time for Other Important Activities
With a trusted assistant, you may opt to have some time off work or away from the office while still running the business. At first, you may hesitate delegating tasks or relying on your assistant to handle key responsibilities. To make sure you outsource properly, start with simple yet significant tasks to test your assistant’s capability and dependability.

3. Focus on Developing Your Market Strategies
Increased business engagements could mean added time and skills required for different administrative work. Besides time, you may not have the experience or comprehensive know -how to accomplish these things. Hire a VA to do some projects or other tasks for you to concentrate on management activities.

Why Outsource Virtual Assistance in the Philippines

Dubbed as the ‘contact centre capital in the world’ and a potential haven for other outsourced skills in the digital age, the Philippines is also a top choice for foreign startups and small companies for Virtual Office Assistance. In the UK, more small entrepreneurs are forecast to cut down costs on operations and outsourcing VAs would be one the clever steps to take in sustaining one’s business development.

Filipinos are fluent in writing and speaking English. Learning and using the language from childhood to old age has been established in Philippine society since the American occupation in the late 1890s. The proliferation of Western influence has led to fundamental and in-depth understanding of Western culture. In the rise of globalization, Filipino professionals have been showcasing competence in their fields and in Business English as well.

Online personal assistance services in the Philippines are low-priced. You get to outsource quality services at very reasonably priced rates. Not only that, Filipino professionals are known to be flexible and resourceful when accomplishing their duties. Involvement in various industries has developed their ability to multitask.

TQVS has a pool of talented Virtual Assistants you can hire for online work tailored for your needs. For more information on our VA services, contact TQVS now.