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Several organizations tag 2018 the year of enhanced customer service as consumers are more informed of their choices and demand for improved engagement. For years, companies, especially the big brands, have set up their own customer service hotlines or hire call centre services to facilitate brand communications with customers and prospects. Then recently, digital technology has been integrated in service systems to sustain brand loyalty. However, expanded reach with automation does not always guarantee increased levels of customer satisfaction. Studies on consumer behaviour have confirmed that most customers in any part of the globe say that customer service influences their choice or patronage of a brand and that they always consider a pleasant experience.

Customer service representatives are in the forefront of promoting a brand’s product or services and trained to handle inquiries to grievances. TQVS customer support/service can help your business retain good consumer relations. Various clients have worked with us in the past and more have contacted us for support services. At the moment, TQVS does campaigns for clients in the UK, Australia and in the United States. We are capable of serving clients in any time zone. Moreover, we have got skilled agents who are familiar with or trained in accordance with Western business processes.

Although advancements in automation are forecasted to replace more workers in the call centre industries, many consumers still consider services that are personable and interactive. Technology does speed up and systematize customer service, but personal touch in every business correspondence counts. In the past years however, most disappointments related to unsatisfactory customer service may have affected consumer views on communicating with customer service representatives. Factors such as data inaccuracy, delayed response times, poorly trained and unhelpful agents should be a wake up call for those in the customer service industry.

According to a global survey by The Real Self-Service Economy Report, 40% of roughly 3000 consumers stated that they choose self-help services over human interaction. Another study supports this statement and says that 90% of consumers are expecting brands to create self-service customer support systems and would appreciate if the service were mobile-responsive.

The development of multi-channels to improve consumer relations has contributed to improving levels of customer satisfaction. Customer-centric groups however, have observed that new technology merely speeds up communications, but made the experience with brands less personable and rewarding. TQVS believes that integration of new technology in customer service systems and human interaction should still go hand-in-hand in improving customer experience.

Modernization is necessary to stay in the market, and a growing number of customers in a fast-paced society demand for quick and satisfactory services. We at TQVS welcome advancements and continuously train our agents to keep up with the trends in customer service/support. For us, it is important that we help our clients retain their customers and improve current relations. A dedicated customer service is a gauge to show customers how important they are to the brand.

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