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Identify Market Opportunities Better with TQVS

In the age of Omni-channel marketing, generation and acquisition of reliable consumer information is fundamental for brands to persist in a competitive marketplace. Businesses who have access to the latest marketing research are more certain about directing the success of their campaigns. Organizations rely on data suppliers for responsive consumer contact information and on marketing studies for updates on trends and factors affecting the market.

Telequest Voice Services is a contact centre directly engaged in gathering responsive and accurate UK consumer data. We conduct marketing questionnaires so clients can contact their target niche or demographic. TQVS databases not only serve as reference for telesales; these figures if interpreted correctly provide evaluation of consumer spending behaviour towards specific goods or services.

Most marketing research firms incorporate telemarketing methods to evaluate existing and potential consumers of particular brands. Data collected from surveys and other schemes is analysed for marketers to assess sales performance and to identify strengths and weaknesses in the marketing process. TQVS can help your business with the first step – data collection. For our marketing questionnaire to serve your purpose efficiently, information to be generated has to be specified. We can discuss the details on how we could collect the data you need.

TQVS has skilled and proficient agents who can carry out other services such as outbound campaigns (proactive marketing), appointment setting, telesales, and virtual assistance. It is a dynamic contact centre that continues to diversify its sectors to keep up with the growing needs of our clients and their industries. Call centre operations have evolved from providing simple customer service to new conduits of consumer engagement.

Nowadays, more business organizations are opting call centre services to aid them in improving client relations and experience. TQVS continuously upgrades its call centre technologies to ensure our clients services of the latest developments. We want to provide your business flexible avenues for improved customer interaction.

Trends in the Call Centre Industry

Business organizations are faced with more challenges in customer retention and loyalty. Many maximize contact centres to sustain customer engagement. However, constant interaction does not always guarantee increased levels of customer satisfaction. To meet customer expectations and to address grievances or complaints that customers communicate through social media, comprehensive approach across channels must be integrated.

1. More Communication Avenues (multi-channels)
2. Improved Self-Help Applications
3. Agile Agents
4. Cloud-based call centre technology