TQVS hosts spectacular dance party

TQVS has recently hosted a spectacular neon dance party for all of our employees. Organiser and director, Piper Esguerra adds “We hold special themed activities such as floral day, back to school days, and now disco night. During these activities, agents’ creative juices flow and they become more enthusiastic regarding their roles and productivity.” Commenting […]

TQVS Finds Great Talents for 2019

Telequest Voice Services has hired new agents in order for the current workforce to keep pace with the company’s expansion and current operations. Not only are we filling up more positions, but we also try to overcome existing skills gaps. Around 25 agents are almost done with their training and will soon be dialling for […]

Recent Market Statistics in UK’s Subscription TV Services

October is a festive month in many countries worldwide.  The Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are some of the highly celebrated occasions across several continents. Filipinos observe these festivities as well and celebrate their local festivals that dawn the Christmas season in the country. One of the main attractions in the Philippines during this time of […]

TQVS Pledges Support to Negros’ First Rugby Festival

Technology to ease the laborious process of laundry has evolved from the late 18th century to the present times. Manufacturing new models of washing machines has dramatically increased and made laundry technology more affordable and far-reaching to all walks of life. In Europe, the early electric washers became popular only after the 2nd World War […]

TQVS Inculcates the Art of Proactive Listening

Customers choose to engage service representatives who make an effort to understand their queries and resolve specific concerns. At TQVS, we train our agents to be effective correspondents by developing their communication skills further. During correspondence, agents spend more time listening to the customers than they do speaking, typing, or reading. As active listening has […]

OUTSOURSEA? – Outsourcing Under the Sea

More companies are saving time and money outsourcing functions that many BPO firms provide. While doing business, top executives even get the chance to visit places they find interesting to explore. How about scuba diving on a weekend after a successful business meeting? Do you find conventional business trips uninteresting? Well, it’s time to rethink […]

A Day in The Life of A Call Centre Agent

At sundown, while the majority of Filipino workers tend to loosen up after a tiring day, most call centre employees are headed to work. Over a million outsourced Filipino professionals have adapted foreign standard time, as most foreign-owned IT-BPO firms operate during their head office’s business hours. The call centre industry boom in the Philippines […]

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