Why TQVS Excels in Outbound Calling

Specialists in the call centre industry emerge resilient despite the stiff competition in marketing activities worldwide. In the Philippines, Telequest Voice Services is one of the leading contact centres that remain strong despite the impacts of the global financial and political crises. With a leadership having 20 years Senior Management Experience in the BPO industry, the TQVS organization can easily adapt to new challenges and changes in customer preferences. We now serve clients in three different continents – the USA, Australia, and the UK, most of which continue to rely on and even refer our outbound services to new clients.

Despite the shift of some companies to inbound marketing during the past years, many business professionals still believe in the efficiency of outbound methods in generating leads. Advocates believe that outbound marketing establishes a brand’s relationship with the target market. It allows consumers to know more about a product or service and generates more prospects in a shorter period. Advertisements on mass media and telemarketing are the more common outbound methods.

Outbound sales calling, also known as cold calling, typically initiates communication with prospective consumers for a brand. This marketing approach has been around for years. Although some organizations find it difficult to maximize profits with outbound calling, it is important to consider consumers who still welcome and prefer personable verbal correspondence. Moreover, with outbound calling services at very affordable rates these days, businesses can have more returns on investment with this campaign rather than investing much in social media appeal or relying on SEO ranking alone.

There are however emerging conditions that dissuade companies to engage outbound sales calls. Do-not-call registries and opt-out preferences narrow and block engagement with potential contacts for certain products and services. Nevertheless, persistent business professionals accept such situations and comply with regulations regarding consumer consent in marketing activities. For them, this creates a more responsive contact list for increased rates of sales conversion.

Leverage Outbound Campaigns as a Key Resource
To produce high-quality leads that promise conversions, business organisations maximise both outbound and inbound campaigns. Some combine both processes and incorporate new methods and technology for improved efficiency. In our own capacity, we at Telequest Voice Services help clients establish a wide and deep reach in their niche market. Our existing client base has been referring most of our new clients and prospects. We listen to them and modify campaign plans accordingly. Talk to us now to have more information on how our outbound calling can help you with your marketing and sales campaigns.
TQVS considers recent outbound trends that may be useful for brand sales and promotion.

1. Retargeting potential customers with the use of automation. TQVS can help you with new marketing approaches and technology to increase your sales productivity and decrease expenditure on promotional activities.

2. Timely email marketing with personalized messages. Existing clients and new prospects like to receive correspondences that pertain to their queries and needs.

3. Maintain communication with potential customers who have contacted you but are not yet ready to make a purchase.

4. Focusing targets on particular accounts, better known as Account Based Marketing (ABM), organizes your outbound marketing activities for improved correspondence and sales conversion rates.

Skilled Outbound Agents

TQVS constantly trains and evaluates the performance of our agents to make sure that we help you reach your goals in every campaign you have with us. Here are some of the core qualities we instil into our workforce:

1. Personable Communication
We train our telesales professionals to be effective communicators for the brand they endorse. To do so, they must learn how to deal with various types of people they talk to every day. Agents must not overlook the consumer’s interests to establish a successful business relationship.

2. A Consultative Outlook
Consumers prefer engagement with agents who understand their needs and those who know how to propose solutions that suit their preferences.

3. Agility and Persistency
Our telemarketers withstand negation and remain enthusiastic in handling cold calls. They find ways on how to convert uninterested individuals to warm prospects.

4. Forward Thinking
Other than fundamental training, we also encourage our agents to be updated with recent trends in outbound marketing and other BPO campaigns. Being knowledgeable of the products and services they offer also helps them speak credibly during endorsement.

Incorporating effective outbound strategies facilitate generation of qualified and responsive leads. Contact TQVS now to know more about our outbound campaigns that can boost sales and marketing in your organization.

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