Weekend Getaway at Pico De Loro

TQVS-DBI associates get to spend a two-day time off at Pico De Loro Beach Resort and Country Club over the last weekend of May. After several weeks of working hard to hit sales targets, the whole team finally got the break they deserved. This time, instead of having a celebration indoors, we have decided to have a blast in the cool shores of Batangas province. Beach resorts in this southern part of Luzon are some of the best venues for company outings or team-building activities because of the proximity to Metro Manila. Traveling to Batangas province usually takes a three-hour drive from the metropolis. For office workers who rarely take vacations in local tourist spots, enjoying the weekend in a tropical resort is something that revitalizes the body and mind. And since it was a UK Bank Holiday on the 28th, the employees did not have to worry about going back to Manila soon for work.

During certain periods of the year, TQVS-DBI employees try their best to help the company reach its targets. Those who accomplish their tasks productively are rewarded for their efforts. In addition to wage increases and benefits, employees receive incentives for contributing to the company’s growth. The trip to Pico De Loro Resort is one of those all-expense paid treats wherein TQVS remunerates its employees. Also, as we are an eco-friendly data company, we encourage our associates to hold activities in vacation spots where one can indulge in nature reserves and enjoy the local culture. As much as possible, office workers who spend much of their time in their desk-bound jobs should find time to explore the country’s natural environment and resource. Not only does it promote local tourism, it provides the workers’ health benefits as well.

Spending time outdoors, especially in the countryside, relieves the body from stress and sluggishness brought about by the sedentary routine of working in the city. Every day, workers in Metro Manila and nearby metropolises would travel for more than an hour going to their place of work. They toil for eight to nine hours at their stations and then later spend an hour or two (if caught in traffic jam) traveling back home. This can slow down metabolism and decrease motivation. We at TQVS-DBI do not want employees to have physical and mental burnout. Since 2017, we have been promoting wellness activities as well as talking leisurely walks during lunch breaks, and spending weekends at the countryside for a work-life balance.

The Philippines has a lot of seashores, mountain ranges, and forests worth exploring. Office workers in the big cities can choose to hold short-lived trips in these spots for a change. There are plenty of affordable tourist attractions with wide range of packages being offered by the local tourism industry. TQVS will surely hold more team gatherings in these places in the future. As the rest of 2018 unfolds and as the company continues to sustain growth, there will probably be more countryside adventures for the whole team.

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