We Deepen Connections in Every Call

Most call centres endeavour to establish personable connections with their customers. In the forefront are their representatives responsible for processing inquiries and complaints. The boom of outsourced contact centres in developing countries has helped many companies expand reach to a growing consumer base and reduce overhead costs. This progress, however, has had its share of drawbacks in customer relations and brand loyalty, and companies have been creating solutions to address matters on customer service. The IT-BPO industry as well has identified some established causes that contribute to the alienation of customers and dissatisfaction with a service.

As an international company that serves various clients abroad, Telequest Voice Services strives to ensure customer satisfaction in the calls we make. We have always focused improvement of personnel and technology towards better customer engagement because we want our clients to succeed in promoting and selling their brand.

TQVS call centre agents are trained to be versatile representatives. We understand the importance of representing a brand and show readiness in engaging your consumers. Some call centres have experienced annoying customers because agents were not comprehensively trained to deal with various inquiries or complaints. At TQVS, we teach our agents the value of business communications and how important it is to deepen customer relations in retaining patronage for a brand.

Our marketing questionnaires generate new ideas for your next campaign. TQVS not only collects consumer information but gathers relevant concepts from customers as well. We ask our clients what information they want to obtain from the targeted respondents to generate information that caters to their business needs. Customer feedback and suggestions are vital contents in market research that have helped improve many business strategies and regain customer trust.

We provide timely service. Speedy and efficient service is ideal, but there are instances where dealing with customer concerns exceeds the average handling time. TQVS aims to process inquiries in the least amount of time without annoying customers, but we also consider cases that necessitate extending the call time in order to satisfy customers.

Our call centre professionals take pride in serving customers of any race. Working in a call centre can be a very challenging job, especially if the agents have to represent a foreign brand and communicate with their consumers abroad. Despite the difficulties, TQVS agents take their jobs seriously and continue developing skills needed in engaging various consumers. Moreover, our Training Management consists of specialists from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, native speakers who train the agents on how to communicate with consumers effectively. They also help the agents visualise the foreign culture, economic situation, and consumer behaviour, which are important elements to know when engaging customers in other countries.

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