TQVS’ Training Room Design

To have a gratifying experience throughout a call centre learning, training programs and other elements that foster effective absorption of knowledge should be carefully designed.  For call centre trainees and mentors, the first stage of training lays the foundation for understanding what it is to be in the customer service profession.  Business organizations continue to invest in personnel training and development to equip their workforce with skills needed in engaging constant changes in the industry.  Facilities and training venues are also highly regarded in developing learning programs.

Learning is always fun and rewarding at TQVS. We constantly invest in the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to keep pace with trends. In the next couple of weeks, training will be a lot more motivating at TQVS with our new venue designs. We want our staff to meet their training goals and believe that it is equally important to impart knowledge in a place conducive to corporate learning. According to a study at the University of Salford, room spaces and design have an impact on a learner’s progress. Other related researches have proved that elements such as colour, lighting, ventilation, and arrangement of furniture all contribute to concentration and interaction.

Designing the training room does not mean that we want it to be too sparky or too conventional. We simply want a venue where TQVS staff and new trainees can learn efficiently.  The room will have more shades of yellow as this hue promotes creativity and positivity. Motivational posters will also be included to stimulate an analytical sphere.  As we prefer more interaction between the trainees and mentors, and among the learners themselves, chairs and other facilities will be arranged in a manner that fosters collective learning.  Multi-media equipment to be used for instruction will also be positioned in a spot that makes it easier for the senses to absorb concepts being shared.  The warm natural light of the City of Smiles will fill the room during certain parts of the day. And since long hours of training can be very exhausting, the refreshment corner or pantry is located near the conference room for easy access to coffee and snacks. Also, since TQVS is a multicultural company, the design will as well incorporate local features to blend with international themes.

Our high regard for room design, as an important attribute in call centre learning is part of our endeavour to improve our agents’ professional skills.  TQVS believes that gaining more knowledge leads to improved customer services and business growth. We hope that our newly refurbished training room will inspire management and staff to conduct more educational discussions that will benefit the company and the workforce.

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