TQVS Team Meets After Hitting Quarter Target

Business Development and Sales managers at TQVS raised their glasses to congratulate everyone in the team for achieving greater heights in the second quarter of 2018. This success goes to show the ingenuity of our business specialists and team effort in marketing data products and services, trusted by a growing number of clients across three continents worldwide. Speaking of sales targets, we are excited to proceed with the third quarter campaign.

What Keeps Us Motivated
Clients and repeat customers! That’s right. TQVS repeats sales and gains new clients because we provide responsive and GDPR compliant data products and services. As a customer-centric company, we strive to meet client expectations to make sure that they succeed in their campaigns as well.

Compliance and trustworthiness- we are confident in client engagement because we adhere national and international laws on the generation and distribution of personal data for commercial purposes. We like our clients to continue doing business post-GDPR enforcement and to be at ease with the data they hold.

Great price cuts and promos on bulk orders. In return for our clients’ loyalty to the brand, TQVS holds seasonal offers every now and then. Clients not only get high quality products and services, they get the chance to win special prizes as well.

Bonuses! The Sales and Marketing team members are entitled to rewards too, as they are determined to succeed with another goal for this quarter. And to reward real effort, more surprises await the smartest workers who help achieve weekly or monthly targets.

We are on-track! After accomplishing goals for the first half of 2018, we are ready to advance further. We cannot allow complacency to slow us down. Performance indicators are also assessed to identify areas of improvement. In case we are off-track, we review and analyse our marketing plans.

As a growing company, it is important for TQVS to plan sales processes and targets to gauge our progress and to see if we are on target. We help our sales force reach their individual targets as part of the overall team goals. Teaching them specific examples on what to do daily and weekly helps sharpen their skills on customer relations and engagement. More importantly, we set challenging yet attainable goals to help them succeed in their personal targets.

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