TQVS Leads – Hotter Than The UK Weather

Join our summer bonanza and set your campaigns ablaze with TQVS’ responsive leads. Yes, make the most of accurate and compliant business and consumer information obtained for your highly targeted market. Our marketing questionnaire team generates fresh data that caters to the specific needs of various industries. You may opt to utilize our second-hand lead lists for direct marketing or choose to sponsor a new questionnaire to generate first-use leads to be supplied to you every day.

Got any summer offerings or trade shows? Attract more qualified prospects and inquiries into your sales pipeline with TQVS hot leads. We have got quality business and consumer data for the following sectors that will surely influence your success in the marketplace.

Obtain pre-qualified investor lead lists or potential buyers who have been evaluated and classified for different types of investments (i.e. mutual funds, IPOs, speculative stocks). TQVS can help you generate a list based on the investors’ assets, net worth, income, and investments.

TV Warranty
A lot of businesses have relied on TQVS for their white goods warranty leads. We can be your reliable data supplier as well. Our warranty leads contain consumer information about the appliance’s age, the brand, and warranty. Choose only the details you need for your specific campaign or talk to us so we can customize the information you need.

Sky Warranty
Digital terrestrial TV subscribers want better coverage and value for money services. Get hold of these subscriber lists and offer your services that cater to these consumer needs. We provide consumer leads for DTTV providers to help boost their sales.

Pension Review
Connect to more potential clients of frozen pension cases. TQVS’s lead lists of pension holders contain the necessary information you may need for your financial service campaigns.

Gadget Insurance
A growing number of gadget users invest in high-priced technology these days and consider spending on extended warranty and insurance to protect their valued electronic device. TQVS offers affordable consumer leads for providers of non-life insurance products.

Funeral Planning
Increased awareness on the benefits of securing prepaid funeral plans promises further growth for funeral plan industry. TQVS offers potential leads interested in acquiring their own prepaid funeral plans.

Charity Donations
TQVS can supply your non-profit organization with a list of prospects that actively support, donate, and raise funds for various charities.

Home Improvements
Working people barely have the time to do home repairs, set up new equipment, or refurbish their homes by themselves despite more DIY tools and implements available in the market. Offer your home improvement services to homeowners who are likely to seek the best handyman services.

Conservatory Owners
Summer is a good season for conservatory building or refurbishment. TQVS has got a list of more than 70,000 summerhouse owners and potential clients interested in enhancing or building their conservatory. Be the first to contact these glasshouse owners.

Newspaper Readership
Despite the decline in the subscription of printed media in the past years, a new study on British newspapers presents a significant number of readers who prefer reading printed versions of news reports to digital copies. Also, with new improvements in content creation, subscription for both digital and print versions is expected to increase.

Don’t just let summer come to pass without a successful campaign. Contact TQVS now and you’ll be surprised how our business and consumer data can help you create a summer to remember.

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