TQVS-DBI Welcomes Two New Specialists from the UK

In our commitment to enhance client services further, TeleQuest Voice Services has been expanding its organization and workspaces recently. On top of that, two industry experts from the United Kingdom, Chris Thalha and Tom Drane, have just joined TQVS to help consolidate the growth we have achieved so far. Chris Thalha is DBI’s new Senior Business Development Manager and Tom Drane is TQVS’ Training Officer. Management and staff welcomed Chris and Tom with good old Filipino hospitality and anticipated what the two have to say about their expectations and eagerness to work with TQVS. When asked about their first day in the country, both Chris and Tom seem impressed with the Filipino BPO industry, TQVS in particular.

Chris Thalha said, “My initial impressions are great, the company has a very organized approach to the data industry; processes are robust and set out in a logical way. TQVS is one of the leading services in lead generation, list rental and call centre business to operate out of the Philippines into the UK markets.” The company’s good reputation for fair pricing, compliance, and consistency cemented Chris’ decision to work with us. These, he adds, are the types of proposition his clients will welcome and appreciate.

Tom Drane as well expresses amazement with the hard work that everyone puts in every day and with the friendly and warm working environment. He seized the opportunity to join TQVS, as it is a great opportunity for him to work abroad. Tom looks forward to helping the Philippine agents improve their communication skills by teaching them how to use the NATO phonetic alphabet correctly. “Helping them understand the UK culture so they can approach English consumers properly”, he says, is a vital part of this business.

Leads generation expert, Chris plans to teach the sales and marketing staff how to maximise social media in optimising personnel engagement and in setting clear forecasts for sales projections. He has a good base of LinkedIn connections, email database, links to event trade shows – all of which can be very useful for marketing. Moreover, as Chris has experienced buying big data and selling solutions as well, so he knows exactly what a client needs or wants. He can help the marketing team develop sector-specific activities based on buyers’ needs and seasonal campaigns as well.

The midyear and beyond promises new progress along the road once TQVS staff gets to learn more and improve with the help of Chris and Tom. In addition to their expertise on the industries they have had managed, they can analyse the probable impacts of global and current situations on the data industry and thus, help create appropriate plans to keep pace with the trend. Both are optimistic with the GDPR enforcement, as this will allow compliant and trustworthy data companies like TQVS to flourish. Rogue suppliers and brokers will be subject to ICO investigations or worst business closure. Chris adds that there will be a resurgence of traditional marketing practices such as outbound sales calling and direct email. Surely, some businesses will be outsourcing sales/marketing activities to comply with the GDPR.

With these favourable conditions and the current growth TQVS is having, clients are sure to benefit from the services we provide. TQVS wishes Chris and Tom the best of luck with their endeavours and a rewarding, long-term relationship with the company.

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