TGIF – Weekly Pizza, Beer, and Karaoke Incentive Party

Hitting weekly targets can be very challenging for the TQVS agents. Nevertheless, they manage to close sales successfully from time to time. To reward this hard work, an added incentive of Friday night get-together awaits the agents who can meet or better yet exceed their targets. Surely, there are a number of superb places in the metro where the staff can unwind and enjoy partying with co-workers. TQVS appreciates the energy and commitment the agents devote to their duties. As they are vital contributors to the company’s growth, we always ensure that work-life balance is observed at TQVS. Thus, in addition to remuneration and benefits, we reward their achievements in various ways we can.

To reach our targets, TQVS tries to observe helpful techniques and share some advice with our agents. First, we carefully set targets to avoid stretching the sales team to achieve what they cannot. As some businesses tend to aim for impossible targets on purpose supposing that their agents will achieve more than they do, we at TQVS base our goals on concrete conditions. Management plans stretch targets with thorough consideration to prevent unfavorable consequences.

As much as possible, we try to identify, assess, and troubleshoot the probable causes of low sales output. We do not just blame our salespeople and other personnel or factors in the company for a decline in sales growth. We listen to our agents and learn from our clients/customers. Of course, we try to make sure the there are no huge issues on client services or unsettled questions on product competitiveness.

TQVS values exceptional effort and believes that super achievers deserve bonuses. Here, the company does not only repays its employees for diligence but commends the best practices as well. Our motivation schemes go beyond reaching the company’s goals. We want our agents to excel in their field – to polish their skills in customer engagement and be versatile salespeople. Competency in selling is an invaluable talent the agents acquire as they allow themselves to work with various customers at TQVS. With proper training and guidance, there is likely to be more super achievers in the coming weeks.

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