Rey Ruel Employee of the Month (April 2018)

Another role model for dedication and diligence received due recognition as TQVS’ Best Employee for the month. Rey Ruel, one of the company’s utility personnel, consistently does his job with much enthusiasm and sincerity. This will be the second time within the year wherein a custodial engineer gets recognized for work excellence. This also proves that every job in the company is highly regarded whether the role is vital or secondary to the business’ operations.

Essentially, a utility worker handles all-around tasks from workplace cleanliness and order, equipment maintenance, waste management, delivery of office purchases, employee security to other specific errands requested by the management. Managing this routine almost every day necessitates proper work attitude, concern for co-employees, and deep regard of one’s job. These are the traits consistently noticed in Rey Ruel’s performance that deserves recognition. For without a utility worker like him, the workplace will not be as organized and refreshing for call centre work. With Rey around, there is always a reliable personnel who can handle errands dutifully as well.

Rey is also one of our personnel of humble origins. We at TQVS are proud to engage hundreds of young workers like Rey who strive to pursue their dreams in life. We hope that his current job at TQVS will help support his pursuits or be a stepping-stone for better opportunities in the future. Who knows? This hardworking young man could be another inspiring story of success someday.

TQVS thanks you Rey for your commitment and diligence.
You deserve to be our Best Employee for the festive month of April!

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