New Agents Added To Boost Call Centre Performance

Thirty new agents will be joining the UK Marketing Questionnaire team by mid-July. That means 110 fulltime agents dialing UK consumers five days a week. As we expand our workforce, we continue to generate accurate and compliant consumer information to serve more clients in various sectors. TQVS has recently focused on hiring and training more agents to ensure continuous generation of fresh leads that cater to different business needs.

Our marketing questionnaire only obtains consumer information in accordance with the regulations on data protection and distribution. Thus, our agents are trained to establish and improve communications that help both consumer groups and businesses generate essential information needed for price monitoring and analysing the purchasing power of a targeted market. We want businesses to contact responsive consumers who could be interested in the products and services a brand offers. With today’s economic uncertainties, it is important for data buyers and suppliers to focus on consumer information that ensures sales conversion.

Hiring and retaining call centre representatives is one of the biggest challenges of many outsourcing firms, especially if the kind of service they provide compels agents to deal with monotonous or stressful conditions. At TQVS, we strive to keep our agents happy and motivated in doing their jobs. Engaging consumers should not be a task that puts too much pressure on how they can make the most out of a brief business communication. Our training managers and seasoned agents help newbies gain the knowledge and confidence to be effective communicators to thousands of consumers, as the agents assume their roles on the call centre floor.

TQVS congratulates the new batch that has successfully passed the first weeks of training. Work smart and have fun learning further on consumer engagement. We want our agents to take pride in their profession as business communicators and embrace being a part of the data industry.

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