Expanding – Adding 2 New Rooms to the Centre

TQVS’ Bacolod Site has just added two more rooms to the centre so we can expand our services. Not only are we growing our team size, we are increasing client engagement as well. We now occupy corporate units 25, 28, and 226 of St. Francis Commercial Building in Bacolod City. TQVS regards the importance of ample workspaces in improving employee productivity. Optimum performance is coupled with higher learning on business communications, marketing strategies, customer care, and data services. This growth signifies provision of high-quality services to more clients in the UK, Australia, and in the USA. We can serve customers in any time zone.

Spacious workspaces promote work efficiency. Teams are provided sections where they can conduct meetings more often to improve and troubleshoot particular concerns. Call centre agents are in the forefront of the marketing and sales work of a brand and therefore must conduct these in an area conducive to such activities. The offices have a dynamic layout designed to boost teamwork and initiatives as well. We welcome our existing clients and other interested parties to visit our offices to have a concrete TQVS experience.

In recent years, market analysts predicted a decline in contact centre services or human interaction, as many business organizations have been integrating digital technology or self-help applications for customer care communications. Automation, however, does not always promise customer satisfaction in every transaction or correspondence. Studies on consumer behaviour proved that people’s engagement with customer care representatives has an impact on their impression of a product or service. Automation may soon replace professionals in the call industry, but a lot of customers still prefer modernization that is personable. Moreover, a well-trained call centre agent knows how to empathize with customers and therefore address individualized needs unlike automation, which can be speedy but generic.

TQVS provides speedy, systematic, interactive and customer-centric services. We work hard to prevent data errors, delayed responses, unhelpful and winding communications. As we try to incorporate new technology as well, we have to ensure that consumers have a pleasant experience with us during our calls. In expanding our services, we welcome multiple channels in communications to speed up and improve consumer relations.

Upgrading technology and facilities are necessary to meet the growing needs of our clients. In a fast-paced society, the growing population of consumers demands speedy, pleasant, and efficient customer service. We at TQVS continuously upgrade facilities and training programs to keep pace with the demands in customer service/support. What matters most is that we help our clients improve their customer relations and increase client retention. You can always count on TQVS for dedicated services.
Visit us now to see our new call centre units and witness our call centre professionals in action. Experience Bacolod City’s warmth and hospitality and have a rewarding trip on the northwest coast of Negros province in the Philippines. For any call centre service that we can help you with whether it is inbound, outbound, data entry, customer care, or data mining, please contact Renz at marketing@tqvs.co.uk.

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