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Consumer engagement requires stricter compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a company, you must be certain of the consumer database you hold/obtain or you may end up with ICO violations and fines. When the GDPR comes in force on the 25th of May 2018, any consumer database you hold must have an opt-in for each piece of data to your brand before you decide direct marketing to the databank. TQVS offers a new service that will help protect any consumer database that you have. Call2 Opt Service is a basic yet very effective package that is 100% GDPR compliant. It helps database users ensure that they do have the correct opt-in, and it facilitates contact with consumers that really wish to hear from their brand. This alone could save you £1000’s in marketing costs.

Consumer consent is a very important element in the marketing database. The question is, do data processors need to obtain new consents from existing database if the method in which the opt-in has been given within the conditions of this Regulation? Conditions for consent are explained in Article 7 of the GDPR. One is that data controllers should be able to prove consumers’ consent to processing of their personal data. Another is that the request for consent should be offered in a clear and comprehensible correspondence. The third point concerns the rights of data subjects to retract their consent at any moment. Data controllers should inform subjects of their rights prior to obtaining their consent. Also, the circumstance by which consent has been obtained shall be assessed. Generally, provision of promotional items or services is not a requirement to obtain consent when processing personal information. With these said, data controllers can hold on to existing database as long as they adhere such conditions stated in the Regulation in requesting data subjects’ consent and processing personal data. Article 6 of the GDPR describes important points with regards to data processing.

TQVS observes the following Procedures in Processing and Storing Marketing Database:

1. Consumer data we hold is formatted in a secured and accessible format.
2. Data destruction system is available in case personal data needs to be eliminated.
3. TQVS can demonstrate how the company processes personal data in accordance with existing data protection regulations.
4. The company also evaluates the manner in which consent for processing personal data has been obtained.
5. To raise awareness on data protection and GDPR preparedness, TQVS conducts informative discussions and seminars on data protection and related regulations.

With the GDPR in force by May 25, many companies are compelled to review their consumer databases and marketing activities. Telemarketing lists are generally based on the do-not-call registry instead of opted-in lists. Such databases (opt-out) need not reconfirm data subjects’ consent. Still, consumer’s right to opt out the brand’s contact list must be observed. Marketing activities that are conducted lawfully (with legitimate interests) prior to GDPR can reconsider options on marketing databases. Companies need to be informed and must take the necessary steps to make sure that marketing activities comply with GDPR. Fieldfisher, an expert on information privacy and security laws, states that the GDPR does not necessitate opt-in consents as a requirement for companies to continue with direct marketing activities. This point is also stipulated under Article 6 of GDPR wherein marketing is considered a legitimate interest of data controllers and other third parties. Every industry has a different lawful basis for processing personal information. Companies must always indicate this basis in their privacy notice. For worry-free marketing campaigns, businesses are advised to conduct risk assessments before conducting future activities.

Are you worried about not having legitimate interests with the market concerned? Do you want your business to keep in touch with the existing database you hold after May 25th?

GDPR will affect lapsed customers that you do not have opt-in for, previously purchased consumer data, or your current database that you do not have opt in for.

Call TQVS now for more information on Call2 Opt Service! Let the TQVS team help you gain compliant opt-ins and sustain marketing activities with ease.

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