Benny: Head of Training

When you’ve got mentors, who bring out the best in your workforce, the value of your business organization increases. At TQVS, our training managers make sure that call centre agents are continuously developed to become competitive customer care professionals. Business Development and Operations Manager for Australia, Reuben Cavalli, is also the head of training at TQVS. With knowledge and experience that spans over two decades in the BPO industry, Benny, as associates would call him, has all the makings of a good mentor. He easily adapts and works under pressure and knows how to maximise talents and drive to deal with current and forthcoming situations in the industry. Thus, Benny is the right person with expertise to head skills training among TQVS’ call centre professionals.

Benny’s knowledge of the industry has been primarily in BPO and relationship management. He has worked with many of the top tiered Companies in Australia. He is versatile, persistent, and able to adapt to new situations quickly while working well under pressure. He has excelled in the positions he has held and has contributed significantly to the growth and success of those businesses. Account management experience, strong relationship building & retention skills are amongst his tools of the trade. To succeed in the creation and implementation of business objectives and achieving outcomes harmoniously are amongst his primary goals.

Comprehensive training programs at TQVS go beyond typical preparatory coaching. Our trainers make sure that mentoring is continuously done until the agents are equipped with enough skills and composure to do the job on the call centre floor. The effectiveness of our training can be measured by the quality of services and live calls done by most of our agents. We design frameworks to monitor the development an agent’s performance. Trainees not only gain knowledge from our programs, they acquire new skills needed for adapting to changes in the BPO industry. Our training programs cater to most Western business processes, as we serve clients in different time zones. With a dependable senior trainer possessing excellent communication skills like Benny, our agents can learn a lot.

We encourage our agents to take call centre learning and profession seriously. Other than the training the company provides they might as well take advantage of free online courses (eLearning) being offered online. Topics such as call simulations, call disasters, techniques to improve quality, compliance and other relevant subjects enrich their know-how on effective communication with a brand’s customers. We keep our training programs concise and sharp, as we want agents who are efficient at multi-tasking. This means that more time is focused on the agents’ development while engaging calls rather than on the agents’ training weeks.

There are a lot more helpful tips to improve call centre training and development to keep up with the changes in the BPO industry, and with good advisors at TQVS who continuously guide our seasoned and new agents, we can surely keep pace with challenges along the road.

To know more about Reuben Cavalli and the rest of our team, please visit our people page.

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