A Sports League of Our Own

The rainy season has just started but the tropical weather offers more sunny days in the second half of 2018. Tom Drane, TQVS’ Training Officer, is taking this opportunity to organise corporate-sponsored sports activities so the employees could spend more time with co-workers outdoors. And since Tom hails from the UK, he could teach the team how to play soccer, a recently celebrated sport in the Philippines. For sure, there are plenty of vast fields in Bacolod City where we can enjoy having football and other ball games we plan to hold.

Setting up a sports club has innumerable benefits, especially for office workers with deskbound jobs that occupy most of their productive days of the week. Most business organizations support the idea of incorporating sports activities in their plans, but only some initiate sponsorship of such intent. TQVS appreciates the advantages of including athletics in some of the company events and establishing our very own sports league.

TQVS has had some fitness and wellness activities since 2017, and we constantly encourage our employees to find time to exercise, observe a personal health regimen, and have weekend adventures outdoors. The idea of having a sports club at the company contributes to this purpose as it allows our staff to take time off the sedentary work routine once in a while. Athletics strengthen the body’s immune system and reduces stress levels brought about by sitting on workstations most of the time. The TQVS workforce is anticipating the establishment of the sports league, as it will be one of the group stress relievers to soothe the office.

Workplace sports also contribute to work productivity. According to a study conducted by The Social Issues Research Centre, sporting can have positive impact on boosting self-confidence, mood improvement, and efficiency at work. Sports promote teamwork and revere the role of each team player. It inculcates values that workers should observe in the workplace – dedication and collective responsibility.  Furthermore, it boosts creativity, encourages brainstorming, and shows individuals the importance of building trust with co-workers. Although we encourage our employees to be self-reliant in their work, there are always more accomplishments when things are done as a team.

Bacolod holds various sports activities and is tagged as the Philippines’ ‘football city’. It hosted several national football games since the early 2000s. Some of the notable events include the 2005 Southeast Asian Games Football tournament and the AFC Challenge Cup in 2012. In fact, the third week of April every year is dedicated to a weeklong football festival in the city. Basketball is also a well-liked sport in the city and so are martial arts, volleyball, golf, and obstacle races.

Tom Drane and other TQVS sports enthusiasts will expect a lot of new experiences in this endeavor of organizing the sports league. By the end of the year, we hope to hold a company sports day where our teams can compete in different races and events.

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