Our Story

Telequest Voice Services is one of the most successful contact centres in the Southern Philippines. The centre is located in Bacolod City, a vibrant city in Negros province that has all the amenities of larger cities but still maintains the local flavour of a provincial city steeped in history at the same time writing its own story as a destination for call centres and BPO operations serving an international market.

We are an eco-friendly company as well. TQVS promotes rural development while supporting awareness and responsibility for marine ecology. While we continue to provide jobs for this coastal province, we contribute to environment protection and conservation.

Since 2007, TQVS has been running outbound campaigns and other related call centre services. In 2015, it has become the main centre conducting marketing questionnaire campaigns for UK consumer data generation. It has since run active campaigns for various verticals and provides other services. Blessed with an agent base that is educated and equipped with well-developed professional skills, TQVS is building upon the brand and already has added new clients and campaigns in other parts of the globe.

Some of the services we offer:

Lead generation. Our team of specialists will gather you live data that is not pulled from some list or was sold thousands of times already. Utilizing the latest tools to identify and target your niche is our mission in helping your business get the market share you need to thrive.

Why us? Years of experience that began with gathering simple consumer marketing data has gone higher tech. For nine years, we have developed databases of people who are interested in a myriad of products.


Customer Support/Service. We can be your first line of contact for your clients. Whether it is working with a Help Desk application, handling product or service inquiries, our agents are proficient and are taught to follow the business process.

Why us? We have worked with clients in this capacity in the past with 10 or even 20 agents. Our robust organizational structure assures you as a client our western business practices and data interpretation are explained thoroughly and correctly.


Research / Datamining. Years of working with our consumer market research have taught us the in’s and out’s of research and collecting live, accurate and responsive consumer or business contact information.

Why us? Primarily, our business has been directed toward market research and the building of extensive databases. Our data meets the government regulatory requirements while providing the conversions you need.


Virtual Assistant. Finding and matching a VA to your business is another area in which we excel. Not every business owner, CEO or managing partner has the time to do everything in his or her already busy 10 – 12 hour days.

Why us? We are entrepreneurs and business owners as well. Our understanding of maximizing our efforts while having someone to take care of the tasks required to run the business is essential. Our professional VA’s are trained in the basics; business letters, managing email, FB management, business voice calls, answering the phone, basic customer service. However, in your case maybe you need Social Network managing or marketing assistance as well. Our VA is custom to your needs.

Our PURPOSE is to engage, develop, and retain homegrown and foreign talents in order to enrich and grow our successful TQVS team whilst further establishing our position in the industry that contributes to local economic growth.

To carry out its mission, Telequest Voice Services operates under the following guiding principles:

  • Identifying young talented professionals in Bacolod City and across Negros Island
  • Development of employees into professional, knowledgable individuals
  • Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders
  • Adopting excellent practices in both training and development
  • Our VISION Guided by our purpose and values, Telequest Voice Services aims to be a globally competitive contact centre that provides economic opportunities for the community whilst offering exceptional marketing solutions and services worldwide.